Fight against fake news

The Internet has created an ecosystem in which communication has become leisure. The positive part is the dissemination of current messages and content. However, in this context, fake news has made its way limiting the potential offered by this medium so that everyone has access to truthful, verified and quality information. Only, thus, each individual will be able to exercise their, inherent, right to be informed. The Right to Information is essential to strengthen democracy and that everyone is in the same conditions of equality to be able to exercise it.

Orbis Nuntii was  born to strengthen the Right to Information and fight against fake news by offering quality content. And we do it under the premise of developing journalism based on rigor. For this, we adopt a commitment to information transparency and the guarantee of excellence backed by a constant search to find the most competent sources of information in each area. In this way, we guarantee, not only access to content of interest, but also to the condition and authentic nature of the events, which make up reality. All this, to be the authentic reflection of the changes that the world is experiencing. Subscribe!


Personal branding

Orbis Nuntii is a personal project of the PhD in Communication, Pepa Martorell. After a long professional career linked to the mass media and corporate communication, she is committed to integrating his knowledge into this project, which also aspires to become a virtual space that brings society closer to topics that serve for reflection, analysis and discussion. intellectual development. Therefore, this challenge represents much more than the passion to share ideas and thoughts through this channel. It is about contributing your bit so that the complex digital world becomes a space of knowledge.

On the other hand, the PhD, Pepa Martorell, offers her professional services related to the communication sector to both private and public companies. Designs corporate communication strategies; manages audiovisual production services, relationship marketing and social media, among others. In addition, the PhD continues with her research in the area of ​​neurocommunication, of which she is a pioneer, in order to apply this knowledge in digital communication environments. For more information visit Neuromedia .


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