A world without covidiots

A world without covidiots

I’m far away from the hell. Life seems to be easy from my terrace. It’s only an illusion. I feel like in a bubble. I know that this bubble will disappear like the carriage in The Little Red Riding Hood story. Nevertheless, until the last second of this summer, I will enjoy as unusual as it is special. The truth is that while I walk, the first-morning mists clear up. While absorbed in my thoughts, I celebrate the concept of covidiot published in The New York Times at the beginning of the pandemic. The pandemic has utterly dominated public conversation and given us a new collective vocabulary almost overnight.

Pepa Martorell

The geography of covidiots

The Chinese government, which nobody criticizes, was silent in December 2019. The WHO did not declare the pandemic until March 2020. Politicians, with honorable exceptions, did the only thing they know how to do, politics. That policy only serves for their survival as a class. And finally, those uniform masses of people who don’t follow the rules even in a life or death situation. The geography of the was being drawn on a world map, where hope in the human being was reflected in other groups like scientists, nurses, doctors, and all those anonymous who have followed the rules.

It is no comfort to think about what would have happened if everything had worked properly. The Chinese government warning of the risk, the WHO warning of the pandemic. Politicians working for citizens. And, the citizens, committed to what was happening. That’s as delusional as my summer bubble. An ideal world. The reality is that now there are large companies doing millionaire businesses at the expense of the pandemic, governments prioritize the economy over health. And of course, the covidiots are active all the time.


In this context, overcoming the pandemic will be very difficult. I am tired of seeing people with masks on their arms, on their chin, under their noses, or, simply, with all the impunity of the world without a mask. In fact, when I see them, I think that they will not be faithful followers of social distance or frequent handwashing. And, the rest, those of us who strictly abide by the rules are exposed because of these foolish people. Now, nothing can be expected from a society that goes out en masse to buy toilet paper in the face of a sanitary emergency. In the end, it is sad to see that we are in the hands of covidiots. Nevertheless, the effort of health workers and scientists is useless if the rest do not follow the rules.

And finally, to complicate matters further, the deniers continue their mantra by confusing citizens. After about a year and a half of abnormality, because I refuse to call it a new normal, it is clear that we will have to wait much longer to recover our life.


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